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Full disclosure. All testimonials are solicited.  We ask satisfied clients if they'd like to give us an honest testimonial. However no client was rewarded in any way for doing so.  Click any title below for its full testimonial.


"My houses sell 27% faster"

"This service took me from a part time to a full time Real Estate agent".

"If you're in Real Estate, you're doing yourself and your clients a disservice if ... "

"Greenlawnrightnow helped us buy our house!"

"Since the product speaks for itself, I want to talk about the customer service."


"I ALWAYS use this in the Fall because ..."

"My wife had a backyard event coming up."


"Half of my beautiful boxwoods were burnt"

"Had a bit of disease in one area of my lawn."


"Weed killer burnt the heck out of my grass" 


"Persistent patchy area" 

"I have a couple of Airbnb properties and ..."

"My wife asked if I'd consider switching our lawn to ..."


"Finally, I threw in the towel."

"It’s common in the States."

"It work, it lasts, and it cheap."

"It was just about the pee."


"A quick fix for your burn spots!" (Dog pee)

"I like to mow low, real low." 

"My wife’s very much into conservation and other environmental practices so ..."

"This guy was a bit of a nut"

"I quickly learned the hard way ..."


"Saving all this lawn care money ..."


"The golf course I was playing at used this on their fairways!"


"Being new to Real Estate I wanted ..."

"Even though I had big mud gaps ..."

"I used to get persistent brown areas in my lawn."

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