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No project is too big or too small for us at  We know you’ll love the results you'll get.

So why do this anyway?


Well, the following are just some of the reasons people are raving about this new service.


  • Saves time. There's so much time that goes into creating and maintaining a nice lawn besides "mowing". 

  • Saves money. Proper lawn care can be expensive.

  • Saves effort.  Lawn care can be labor intensive

  • Saves frustration.  Sometimes you just can't achieve that perfect green look "traditionally", no matter what you do. (or spend.)

  • Saves the environment. Less water usage, less fertilizer, less herbicides and less pesticides equals a healthier planet.  

  • Personal satisfaction. Feels good to have a nice looking place!

  • Awesome curb appeal. Makes for an awesome "look" to your home even if you're not selling it. 


So having said all that, most people who appreciate the "curb appeal" that a great lawn creates, don't want to spend the time and/or don't want to put in the effort and money required to get it.  These people would "settle" for having a great looking lawn if it only required minimal amounts of time, money and effort. 


That's where we come in. 

Not only will we give you a great looking lawn, but It'll happen fast. But here's the best part... it's also very affordable. Check out our two packages below:


    The "SHOWCASE" package


We come in, prepare the area you want treated and then apply the treatment.  Not just any preparation, we really prep your lawn.


Cutting to the proper height, leaf blowing, grass collection, edging ... all the detailed stuff that a lawn needs to make it "look" next level. 


Remember for a lawn to really "look" great, you have to have a nice even cut, uniformity of grass type and uniformity of color.  In the "Showcase" package, we do it all. (except ensuring your grass type uniformity, since that's basically a complete lawn renovation and possibly re-sodding your lawn)

Questions?  We have the answers to all your questions at our FAQs page.

Grass Texture

        The "DIY" package

This is the package where you get to save almost 30% off our already affordable rates, just by doing the preparation yourself! 


Not to worry, this is not the prep that we would do in our "Showcase"package. This "basic prep" is as simple as mowing your lawn and raking/picking up the clippings.  That's it.



To quote a client "it's a small price to pay to get that big of a discount since I mow my lawn anyway."



Then we come in and treat it. 
Here's the amazing part ... it could have weeds, patchy grass, brown spots, dog pee spots, fungus etc, etc.  It doesn't matter what condition it's in ... our treatment will have it looking lush and green ... fast

         Request a Free Estimate


Just go to our contact us page, fill in your information there and the square footage of the area you want treated and we'll get back to you ASAP! 


Don't know how to get the square footage of the area you want treated? No problem ... here's our easy square footage "calculator"!

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