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  About me.

My name is Colin and I'm the founder of ...

                  "Green Lawn Right Now"  


Based in the GTA, I offer a unique service that fulfills a basic want that almost everyone with a lawn has ... getting their lawn lush and green. 

Being a lawn enthusiast, this all started because I'm also always looking for ways to improve my lawn. A few years ago I came across this treatment on a visit to the States ... quite by accident.


On coming back home I tried the treatment myself over a few seasons and was stunned as to the difference it made to the look of my lawn. All with a dramatic reduction in watering, fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, time, frustration and money,    


Over that period of time friends and acquaintances would always ask me how I get my lawns so green. Whenever I'd tell them, they'd ask me how they could get theirs done as well. 


Seeing that it was rare in Canada I investigated the possibility of making it commercially available here and was able to do so.  

That's exactly how Green Lawn RightNow was born.


The unique part? Your lawn is completely transformed within hours! 


My front and back lawns

Front lawn.png
Back lawn.png
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