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Question 1: How do you get my lawn green ... what exactly IS this “treatment”?

Question 2: How soon after treatment can I use my lawn?

 Question 3: Is this some DIY concoction that you guys came up with or this a legit thing?

Question 4: What is it made of?

Question 5: Is it safe for the environment, pets, kids?

Question 6: Will it damage my grass?

Question 7: Why use this treatment?

Question 8: Will watering the lawn in the days or weeks after application "wash off" the treatment or dilute the shade of colour?

Question 9: So is this basically just paint?

Question 10: Who would benefit from this service?

Question 11: Do golf courses REALLY use this treatment?

Question 12: How long is it going to last?

Question 13: What's the lowest temperature that this can be applied at?

Question 14: Will it make my grass grow faster?

Question 15: Does the treatment affect Photosynthesis?

Question 16: What happens when you mow grass that’s been treated? Why treat grass if you're just going to cut it off?

Question 17: Isn’t this like cheating? I mean … people work hard and spend a lot of money to get a lawn that looks like this!

Question 18: Ok, this sounds like just the thing I need cause I want that great looking lawn (that everyone else seems to have) but I don’t have the time, inclination or money to get it. So how does this service work? What are the next steps? Most importantly … What's this REALLY gonna cost me?

Question 19: Ok, is there anything that I have to do in terms of preparing the site, or do you do everything? 

Question 20: Is there a “best time of day” to have this done? Is there any disruption involved? (eg: machinery or equipment noise) 

Question 21: How long is the entire process going to take? 

Question 22: I have fairly big mud/dirt gaps in some areas in my lawn as my grass is fairly sparse there. Will this work on those gaps? 

Question 23: Do I have to be home during the process in order for this to be done? 

Question: 24 Why use this when I can use Chelated Liquid Iron and get the same results?


Question 25: What are your rates? 

Question 26: Ok I want a beautiful Green Lawn Right Now.  What’s the procedure, from start to finish? 

Answers to 26  of the most commonly asked questions.

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